By significant growth in IT during the recent years, the security and privacy challenges have been increased. Department of Computer Engineering at Sharif University of Technology is one of the pioneer departments in the country which is conducting security, privacy and cryptology research fields since 1999. Currently, four faculty members primarily focus on information security, privacy, and cryptography (Dr Rasool Jalili, Dr Mehdi Kharrazi, and Dr Morteza Amini) and some other faculty members contribute to security in the course of other research. There are two laboratories in the department conducting high quality research in various areas of information security, privacy, and cryptology; Data and Network Security Lab (DNSL) and Hardware Security Lab. The main research areas of these labs are:
       • Network Security
       • Botnets, honeypots, malwares, traffic analysis, network prediction
       • Formal Methods for Information Security
       • Foundations of Information Security
       • Secure Data Outsourcing
       • Computational Trust
       • Access Control
       • Intrusion Detection/Prevention and Alert Correlation
       • Hardware Security and Trust
       • Cryptographic Computations
       • Secure, Efficient and Dependable Computing and Architecture

Data and Network Security Dr. Jalili, R.
Dr. Amini